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(2021) Matrimonial correspondence invited for Gujarati, Vaishnav Vanik boy. Age 32, Height 5’4. Brought up in the U.S. Currently working in Human Resources for a reputed company. Holds a Masters degree. Looking for educated, family oriented girl. Send bio data at:                                                           [3-17

(2025) Vaishnav parents invite proposal  for their 27 years old son us citizen. BS working as safety manager. please send BPH at dilipkumar Phone 7324214653 after 4.30pm                                              [2-17

(2028) Gujarati Brahman family invites correspondence for their unmarried son born in 1986, 5’8″ handsome highly educated ( MBA – Business Administration & MBA- Accounting) pursuing doctorate in International Finance seeking for well educated, cultural and family oriented girl. Caste no bar. Citizen preferred.  Please contact us with the biodata and picture to, phone # 562-253-1232                                                                [3-17

(2029) NJ based Charotar Patel parent invites proposal for their son born in 1984/5′-9″, currently GC Holder and condition removal on the way, working as engineer in NJ-State Employee(short term divorcee-No issue). Seeking suitable, well educated and family oriented girl living in US. Please send BHP to or call (732) 456-7356                                                                                                                                                                              [3-17

(2030)  Gujarati Leva Patel family living in NEW JERSEY invites correspondence for their son Nov-86 born ht. 5’10″ Pharmacist in US, US Citizen, Annulled seeking for educated, family oriented girl with cultural and family values. Please email bio-data with pictures at:  or call : 732-429-5448                      [3-17

(2031) Gujarati Kapol Vaishnav Vanik family invites alliance for their US Citizen, Vegetarian Son. Born in Mumbai in October 1984. Working with Virginia State Corporation Commission. (B.Sc. in Business Management and Post-Bac in Accounting) Please send bio-data and recent pictures to or call: (804) 833 1422  [3-17

(2033) Gujarati Vaishnav family invite correspondence for their educated U.S. Citizen Son, (short term divorce (no issue) (manglik) 1982, 5’8″, 140lbs , athletic body , currently having own successful business  seeking US Based, family oriented, well educated , girl. pl contact by phone Payal Shah (848) 219 1695 or email Has Mangal* (DOB 11/06/1982 Time: 3.30am Place : Ahmedabad)                    [4-17

(2035) Gujarati KachhiaPatel parents invite alliance for their son;  MS Computer Science age 28/6 ft. currently working in MNC Baroda, INDIA. Seeking for well educated, cultured and family oriented girl living in US or CANADA caste no bar. Please contact or 973-758-7937 with BHP                                               [4-17

(2037) Gujarati, leva Patel Family invites correspondence, for their Son, 26 years, 5′-8″, Business Owned, US Citizen, residing in NJ, looking for Well educated and Culture Oriented girl. Please contact with bio data to (732)-543-5844 or email at                                                                                     [4-17

2044) Gujarati jain parents invite correspondence for their US raised and US citizen 29 yrs. old son. He is a vegetarian, non smoker and non drinker, fair and handsome. Doctorate in Pharmacy, currently working as a Pharmacy Manager in well known company. He is seeking vegetarian, non smoker and non drinker, well educated and beautiful girl. Please email bio data and recent photo to;                           [3-17


(2023) Matrimonial alliance invited for New Jersey based smart, well-educated, family-oriented Gujarati girl-March 1981/ 5’2″/ Masters in Computer Applications. Working as a Technical Lead in NYC(H1B visa-Green Card in process).Looking for like-minded, well-educated US Citizen/Green Card/H1-B candidates. Biodata and pictures can be exchanged on or call-516-840-4007                                                                                           [02-17

(2026) Gujarati Patel parents invite correspondence for their beautiful 1984 born well settled nurse, never married, vegetarian, with good cultural value daughter. Looking for well-educated US born/raised professional, unmarried, family oriented boy who equally holds Indian culture and values. Please email bio data with photograph to                                                                                                                               [02-17

(2032) Vaishnav parents invites  correspondence from the suitable match for their U.S born in 86 daughter , BS and MS in Kinesiology, working at hospital as PTA.                                                              [2-17

(2034) Gujarati Brahmin parents seeking a never married, vegetarian, professional boy residing in CANADA/USA for their MBA, US citizen daughter (Born 1981, 5’5”, never married, vegetarian). Please send bio-data with recent photos. EMAIL:                                                                                                                                   [4-17

(2035) Gujarati Patel family invites proposals for our daughter born Aug 1974, M.S. Physical Therapy, never married. Kindly send your bio data to                                                                                [2-17

(2039) Matrimonial Correspondence invited for US Born Gujarati girl. Age 28 years, 5`5 R.N. Vegetarian Seeking well educated US born son with good culture. Please contact with Bio-Data & current photo on mail or call. Email :                                                                                                                                                            [5-17

(2040) Gujrati Jain New Jersey based parents invite proposal for their US born daughter, education :Accounting & Finance major, working in New Jersey Age 23/5’3″ from well educated jain Gujrati boy working in New Jersey, New York region, vegetarian, non smoker. Please send bio data with photo to : jainparents   [5-17

(2036) Gujarati Vaishnav parents invite correspondence for their U.S. Citizen, New Jersy based daughter (short term divorce) born in 1989 in India, 5’03? Completed Masters in Biomedical Engineering US, Currently working with global Pharma company as a manager. seeking well educated Gujarati boy. Kindly send Bio data with recent picture to  Tel : 201-628-5125                                                                                         [4-17

(2038) Gujarati Vaishnav, parents invite correspondent for their 38 year old daughter who is well-educated, working for reputable company and short-termed divorced. Looking for educated, well-settled North-Indian male. Please email biodata & picture to You can contact me also by phone, (312) 804-7542.


(2041) Gujarati leva Patel family invites correspondence for their daughter (divorcee, no children) born and grown up in India in 1983/ 5’0″, US citizen, pharmacist living in USA. Seeking a well-educated, U.S citizen/green card holder, non-smoker groom belonging to Gujarati Patel, Vania or Brahmin caste (divorcee – no children, widowed, non-married). Kindly send bio-data to or call on 860-534-0997.                           [3-17

(2042) Gujarati leva patel family invites correspondence for their daughter born in 1988/ 5’2″. green card holder, well educated (short term divorcee, no issue) living in bensalem, PA. seeking an educated U.S citizen, green card holder or H1B visa, family oriented boy from charotar leva patel. kindly send bio-data to or call to raju patel on 267-210-8442.                                                                              [5-17

(2043) Gujarati Vaishnav Vanik family invites correspondence for their daughter born in Feb 1990/5’7” US Citizen, studied Bachelors in Biology and currently pursuing Nursing degree (RN). Seeking well educated US Citizen/Green card/H1-B candidates. Please send bio data with recent photographs at                 [3-17

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